Design Indaba 2016

Art Direction, Lighting Design, Pixel Technology, Production Design, Production Management, Research & Development, Show Control, Technical Drawing
About This Project

Bad Weather was approached by The Jupiter Drawing Room to deliver a focal point installation for the Design Indaba 2016.

The agency had developed a concept for a dynamic and creative structure that would look as though it was developing and growing towards and through the ceiling itself and bursting onto the floor above.

We were then tasked with designing, creating and manufacturing this complex structure made of aluminium, multicoloured perspex, light boxes and custom built LED tubes that were built into the structure itself.

We also incorporated 3 LED screens into the downstairs structure to display names and images of the session presenters, turning the structure into somewhat of an information board.

Content for the screens as well as all the lighting and pixel control was played out from a Bad Weather Media Server.

Being involved in such a challenging and unique project required in depth research and development, manufacturing, teamwork and bold creative direction, a big thank you to The Jupiter Drawing Room and their team for brining us on board to deliver what was the talking point of the Design Indaba 2016.

Client: The Jupiter Drawing Room