Francios Van Coke & Karen Zoid – Toe Vind Ek Jou Music Video

Lighting Design, Show Control
About This Project

Bad Weather was approached by acclaimed director, Quinton Lavery to assist him in realising his vision for the lighting elements of the Toe Vind Ek Jou music video.

The duet is performed by two of South Africa’s most prolific rock musicians, Francois van Coke and Karen Zoid. The song has captured audiences imaginations and has over 2,6 million Youtube views, which makes it the most viewed South African music video to date and has blossomed into a full concert tour, all the while still bringing the sentiment of the music video direction to the live performance.

By time coding the lighting sequence, we were able to synchronise the lighting sequence to the audio playback frame accurately. This also meant we could integrate the two and have the director call for any point of the song without long breaks between takes and with perfect repeatability.

Client: Quinton Lavery