GoodLuck Live

Content Creation, Interactive Design, Lighting Design, Pixel Technology, Production Design, Research & Development, Show Control, Technical Drawing
About This Project

GoodLuck approached Bad Weather with a vision of an interactive and flexible touring lighting solution, and so the journey to create a completely bespoke solution began.

The first meeting with the band saw a napkin drawing and a very defined brief – a tough set of challenges for anyone to deliver.
“Design and build an interactive lighting system that syncs to any setlist they perform and at any tempo, that attaches to their musical instrument racks, takes less than 30min to assemble, can be modular, cost effective and tour in a bag within global airline weight limits.” No small task.

The Bad Weather team has spent the last 3 years developing and improving on the system closely with the band, continually going through the cycle of delivery, road testing, band feedback and then further improvements.

This has seen the growth from a single RGB control per strip, to a complete pixel controlled system that now also drives the video content for their show as well as automated camera cutting via a Black Magic Design switcher, all while trimming off even more precious kilograms and centimetres from the touring bag.

In 2018, a further extension of the live show was envisioned – The integration of video content.

Once again, this had to be self sufficient, sync to any tempo, be triggered by the band, and of course, complement each song specifically.

Making use of Abelton and Resolume’s compatibility, we found a solution which could handle all of the above while still including the synchronicity of the LED lighting package.

We then went through the planning, storyboarding, and producing of the video content.

The collaboration has been incredible, with the team growing close to the band and understanding their dynamic workflow, their incredible hard work to push the boundaries and never to settle for anything but the best has brought out the best in both camps and has yielded an incredible product that we all are extremely proud of and that continues to tour and serve the incredibly energetic live performance that is GoodLuck.

Client: GoodLuck