MediaTech 2019 – BLACKBOX

Art Direction, Content Creation, Interactive Design, Production Design, Show Control
About This Project

“At this year’s edition of MediaTech Africa visitors were given a hands-on demonstration of the company’s technical prowess, as Bosman and Bad Weather creative director Jonathan Bandli delivered an eye-opening presentation on Creative Workflows for Real Time and Interactive Experiences.” – Etech Article October 2019 Issue.

Bad Weather was invited to deliver an interactive presentation in which we decided to partner with, local synth pop duo, Emerger to not only talk about what’s possible but to actually demonstrate what is possible using real time content to generate all the visual backdrops for their musical performances throughout the day.

We also deployed our live tracking beacon system which, when used in conjunction with our real time content server, let us have speaker name tags track each speaker during our presentation as they moved around the stage.

Demonstrating the endless possibilities of this new wave of technology frontiers is extremely exciting and it is important to us to always be on the bleeding edge leading the charge to a more creative and dynamic solution offering for our market.