MediaTech x Stage Audio Works 2019

Content Creation, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Production Design, Production Management
About This Project

MediaTech Africa is Africa’s leading Media and Entertainment Technology trade show. Stage Audio Works always puts on quite the experience for the visitors to get hands on with the latest technology and this year was no exception.

Bad Weather and Stage Audio Works have a longstanding symbiotic relationship and this year we wanted to collaborate together in a more integrated and purposeful way.
This came in the form of Bad Weather being tasked with designing the trade show booth and visitor experience for Stage Audio Works.

We also decided to integrate and deploy some custom interactive product solutions that we designed to show off both of our companies services, products and project case studies.

We had 3 key interactive products to achieve this:
1. Lift and Learn: Lift and learn is informative interactive shelf system with a LED screen backing that plays out an informative product description when the associated product is lifted from the display stand. This lets visitors engage in a hands on way with the product all the while adding some magic to the experience.
2. Throwcase: Throwcase is a Multi screen interaction showcasing both companies curated project case studies. An orb with a project logo is thrown by the user from the tablet to the main display triggering a detailed case study of the selected project.
3. Touch Table: Touch Table is a multi touch experience designed to show in more detail selected products of each company and lets the visitor interact at their own pace in a simple and intuitive way, letting them decide on the depth of information that they need on each product.

Designing these elements into the overall booth design let us dedicate areas for different purposes, letting the visitors have a clear user journey.
With areas such as the coffee bar, networking space, interactive zone, boardroom of the future and even a dedicated Stage Plus showcase left plenty of options to explore.

We always enjoy collaborating with Stage Audio Works and are extremely proud to have helped them achieve their first ever Platinum Award for their stand at the trade show.