PHFAT Live Show

Lighting Design, Pixel Technology, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Production Design, Production Management, Show Control, Stage Design, Technical Drawing
About This Project

In mid 2014 we teamed up with a Cape Town based rap group after the huge success of their hit single “Lights Out” to develop their live show experience for their headline performance at Oppikoppi later that year.

The band gave us complete trust over their vision and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

We then began crafting their live lighting experience alongside their pre-existing video show that had been created by one of the best VJ’s around, The Grrrl. We used our pre-visualisation studio to build and program their show for the upcoming Oppikoppi performance.

After a hugely successful performance at Oppikoppi 2014 we went on to tour the show to “Vodacom In The City”, “Sonar Cape Town”, then off to a few smaller shows around Cape Town, before being booked again for the second consecutive year to headline Oppikoppi main stage for 2015. This was a milestone for the band and we knew that we had to up the ante for this performance.

“We just have to send a quick shout out to Bad Weather -> the only lighting dudes we could find who would put up with Mike’s uhm… Attention to detail (read… dick-headed pedanticness) and who were also completely willing to sit through practises… go over recordings, watch old gigs… alllll of that shit. Just so that they could be f*cking on point at oppikoppi.” – P.H.fat Facebook post from 15 August 2014

This performance set a new precedent for local acts and showed that production value was possible with the right team and vision.

We are so proud to still be touring their show to festivals such as Rocking The Daisies and many more, still growing the show and helping them make their live show a real experience for their fans. We truly believe in their music and their work ethic and look forward to keep pushing the envelope with the local music production.

“Don’t ever let anyone say Bad Weather don’t give a f*ck” – P.H.fat Facebook post from 2 October 2015

Client: P.H.fat