Po10c – Activation

Innovative, Public
Interactive Design, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Show Control, Stage Design, Technical Drawing
About This Project

Bad Weather was commissioned to develop some custom interactive solutions for the Po10c Activation held within the Rage 2016 Sound Factory grounds, hosted by G&G Productions.

The activation was centred around a large LED Screen bottle with a “strong man” style engagement. We were tasked with developing, creating and integrating the hammer and lever system, using pressure sensitive trigger pads, to fire off different video, audio and lighting cues according to pre determined reward levels, which was selected by the promotion girls using our custom and simple to use tablet application all controlled and integrated off a Bad Weather Media Server and show control system.

The activation was a large success and had “Ragers” bashing away all night to see who was the strongest and to enjoy a shot of Po10c!

Client: G&G Productions