RAGE Festival 2015

Lighting Design, Pixel Technology, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Production Design, Production Management, Show Control, Stage Design, Technical Drawing
About This Project

For the second consecutive year, Bad Weather was commissioned by Marcia Alves and G&G Productions to design and execute “Sound Factory’s” lighting, video, scenic and technical design.

We started this journey in early May 2015 with the start of brainstorming creative technical concepts for Rage Festival, the creative vision was named “Alchemy”.

This project is particularly special as it allows us to go all out from a Creative, Technical and Production stand point. We designed, supplied, and executed a fully pixel controlled immersive experience, making use of over 200m of controlled digital pixel LED strip, as well as over 130m of pixel controlled LED tubes.

The total pixel count was tied into the lighting system and used a total of 31 DMX universes to control over 10 000 LED pixels installed into the iconic set piece, bringing to total DMX universe count to 40!

We made use of a moving truss system, which allowed us to move the three LED and lighting tiers above the DJ during the show to add an extra dimension to the experience.

We made use of more than 250 LED video panels which were a combination of 6mm and 12mm pitch around the stage and venue to create a mega club experience.

G&G Productions wanted to up the ante this year and approached us with the concept of running a 10 minute “Mega-Mix” each night. The Mega-Mix is a fully time-coded and synchronized production feature where all technical elements from Audio, Lighting, Video to Lazer and Special Effects are programmed to the Mega Mix track allowing for intricate movements and show stopper effects.

Each Mega-Mix track was themed for the evening and provided the audience with an earth-shattering sensory experience.

Client: G&G Productions