RAGE Festival 2016

Lighting Design, Pixel Technology, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Production Design, Production Management, Research & Development, Show Control, Stage Design, Technical Drawing
About This Project

With the resounding success of the Sound Factory experience from 2015, the pressure was on to deliver something even better for 2016.

G&G Productions contracted Bad Weather to once again take on the challenge of the main stage, also called “The Rage Cave”.

With Marcia Alves from Alves as the production director for the entire festival we began drafting up ideas and designs, and after months of design options we landed upon a design we all knew immediately would be a show stopping spectacle.

The team went into refining the design, from considering every video panel and pixel to every lighting position and the purpose of every piece of technology needed to deliver a world class show.

The theme of “Futura” was realised in the design by designing the stage to become an entire space ship. From the circular truss rings and screens to depict the engines with the help of some lighting fixtures and a circular array of pixel controlled LED strips. The centre portion being a hexagonal vortex, drawing inspiration from minimalist shapes and the festival imagery to create a deep visual experience of high resolution LED screens, more pixel controlled LED strip to extend the video from one hexagon to the next, while strategically placing lighting fixtures to break the air with beams and aerial effects.

Using a combination of modern beam and pixel lights with a contrast of beautiful and bold tungsten parcans and the impact of an array of strobes we were able to create the iconic lighting design.

The focal point and highlight of the design was the custom space ship DJ booth. This unique scenic element tied the entire stage design together and made for a visually exciting experience, with CO2 jets being mounted in the “jet engine’s” of the booth and the wing tips and engine being lined with LED strip it was a talking point and the quintessential element to making this years Rage festival even better than last years.

Client: G&G Productions