RAGE Festival 2017

About This Project

For the fourth consecutive year, Bad Weather collaborated with G&G Productions and LVEZ to take on the Rage Festival Megadome!

After numerous brainstorming sessions and ideas exchanged, we landed on a design that the whole team knew was going to be the one for 2017.

A diamond shaped ceiling filled with an array of Kinetic DMX balls was the encompassing feature looming over the entire dance floor. These DMX controlled balls transformed the spatial environment overhead by shifting and moving organically with the music.

Bad Weather was once again tasked with programming lighting and handling all playback systems for three infamous MEGAMIXES. Each being a 10 minute synchronized piece, highlighting every element in the MEGADOME, with near 400 cues per mix, all to frame accurate precision.

We are grateful for the opportunity to once again venture outside of the realms of the norm and explore what is possible with technology and design.

Client: G&G Productions and LVEZ