Single Track Spinning Studio

Innovative, Public
Content Creation, Interactive Design, Pixel Technology
About This Project

Bad Weather was approached by Lights By Linea to help bring interactive control to what is now the most engaging and immersive spinning studio in the country.

Single Track wanted to create a world class spinning studio with cutting edge technology to compliment the space which was so elegantly designed by leading architecture interior design studio, Skep.

We installed a complete turnkey technology solution in the form of a QSC speaker and amplification system, with the central global control of the system handled by a QSC Q-SYS Core 110f.

The audio matrix is quite complex with the ability to have playlists inside the core itself as well as external inputs from the lead instructor’s bike in the form of a tablet or smartphone with instructor’s custom playlists. Microphones are offered in both headset and handheld varieties for multiple use cases and instructor preference.

Lighting control is both controllable in a live beat matched program sequence or in manual mode.
Video playback is also catered for and has a simple to use ingestion system for file updates, it also has support for additional live inputs and has an iPad connected to show class and session stats from the bikes in real time on the screen.

The entire space is controlled by a QSC Q-SYS Touch panel custom mounted into the lead instructor’s bike panel. This touch device with its custom built layout control can control all elements of the lighting; from manual to sequence modes, control video inputs and media playback, audio input selections and level adjustment on all channels.

A challenging task in such a space but with the desire to create a user friendly design with endless control options. We invested our time into working with the instructors and users, enhancing and perfecting the system over a few months – an investment that has been worth every moment!

Client: Single Track