Ultra 2018 – Samsung Galaxy Experience Stage

Lighting Design, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Production Management, Show Control, Stage Design, Technical Drawing
About This Project

Bad Weather was commissioned by G&G Productions to conceptualise, design and realise the Samsung Galaxy Experience Stage for the Johannesburg show of the South African Ultra Festival.

With our long standing relationship with G&G productions and our combined experience in the dance music scene, this was once again the perfect collaboration. With a strong and visually commanding stage design, with its seamless curves and strong Ultra influence the stage was an experience like no other.

Inspired by the Rage Festival Mega Mixes that G&G had produced for Samsung we brought that same unique experience of visual and audio overload to this stage. With a large time coded and meticulously produced show moment alongside a stellar local lineup, this made memories not soon forgotten by all who raised their hands in the air and celebrated dance music with us that night.

Client: G&G Productions