VUZU 2nd Birthday

Content Creation, Lighting Design, Pixel Technology, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Production Design, Production Management, Show Control, Stage Design, Technical Drawing
About This Project

“VUZU is a youth focused entertainment channel for young Africans, with a combination of big name international series and locally produced shows.”

Bad Weather was commissioned to handle design and technical production for VUZU’s 2nd birthday celebration, held at Events on 7, Hyde Park in Johannesburg.

With the venue having it’s own limitations by not being able to hang any structures from the ceiling, we tried to use those limitations to our advantage, by creating a mega structure from the ground up, populating it with a massive screen and lights.

To add grandeur and dimension to this experience, we designed two infinity mirrors to be floating in two gaps on either side of the iconic mega screen. These infinity mirrors were lined with pixel controlled LED strip to expand the content from the main video screen outwards. The LED effect in the infinity mirrors were only revealed later in the show.

With the best of South African hip hop talent performing, the show went down a treat for everyone who attended, which included media and some of South Africa’s A-Listers.

Client: Pop Bottles Entertainment