Comic Con Africa 2018

Lighting Design, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Production Management, Research & Development, Show Control
About This Project

Comic-Con, an international renowned property, finally entered the South African market and was received like never before, becoming the fastest sold out debut show in South African history.

Our client Dave Caddie of Huski and the lead team from Reed Experiences brought Bad Weather on board to help deliver a specific niche task at the Comic-Con festival.

With the rise in South African e-sports, VS Gaming opted to host the Masters Series live from Comic-Con for two lead competitive titles each on its own stage, namely CS:GO and DOTA.

Bad Weather was tasked with producing content assets and responsible for the media playback on the live venue screens and to also feed the live stream broadcast.

Understanding e-sports is something we have gathered invaluable experience in over the years as it is a crucial component to delivering a truly international gaming experience as the demands and expectations are so different from a traditional music or awards show broadcast. Competitive gaming now has an online presence like no other and we cannot wait to see the continued rise of e-sports in South Africa!

Client: Huski Productions