Grassy Spark – OppiKoppi

Lighting Design, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Show Control
About This Project

Bad Weather was approached by Grassy Spark, local Cape Town artists, to help create a lighting experience for their live show at one of South Africa’s premier music festivals, Oppikoppi.

Bad Weather are no strangers to Oppikoppi and the incredible musical journey that it provides to its festival goers. It also holds a special place in our team’s heart for the many relationships it has created, particularly the ones with the lead technical providers for the festival, Stage Effects and Blue Array.

In previous years Bad Weather has been to Oppikoppi for various reasons, working directly with artists such as PHFAT and Grimehouse and being invited to design and light the main stage by Stage Effects.

This year saw our collaboration with Grassy Spark fuel an exciting and dust filled experience that we wont forget any time soon. It is always such a privilege to work alongside some of the countries top musicians and be a part of bringing their live show to life using the medium of lighting.

In dust we trust.

Images: Henry E Photography

Client: Grassy Spark