Transform Africa Summit 2018

Art Direction, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Production Management, Show Control, Stage Design, Technical Drawing
About This Project

Bad Weather was approached by Cube, a digital marketing agency based in Rwanda to design, source and supply all AV elements for the prestigious Transform Africa Summit 2018.
After a site visit and a day on the ground gathering inspiration of the country, we moved to designing an ultra-wide and immersive visual experience for all delegates. We flew all projectors, AV control gear, media servers and set elements from South Africa, and had our content team in Cape Town building all templates and creating an impressive opening sequence for the summit.
With the logistical challenges of cross-border movement and time crunches, planning was meticulous in order for all the pieces to fall into place.
The Transform Africa Summit is the Smart Africa flagship event. Smart Africa is a bold and innovative commitment from African Heads of State and Government to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development on the continent, ushering Africa into a knowledge economy through affordable access to Broadband and usage of information and Communications Technologies.
We are so grateful for clients that allow us to push ourselves to deliver incredible and unforgettable experiences for their audiences, both within and outside the borders of South Africa.

Client: Cube