Every Nation Global Conference 2016

Lighting Design, Pre Visualisation & Renders, Production Design, Production Management, Show Control, Stage Design, Technical Drawing
About This Project

Every Nation Churches and Ministries is a global organisation of campus churches and ministries across seven continents whose aim is to unite the world through faith. Every three years they host the Every Nation Conference, a Guinness World Record-breaking event, where followers from the around the world unite in their diversity and come together in the spirit of faith and unity.

Bad Weather was tasked with conceptualising, designing and executing the event.

The creative brief given to Bad Weather by the ministry at the commencement of the project in February 2014 was to “make use of the logo and keep the stage intimate”.

Taking this cue, the logo design was implemented in to the design of the main LED screen which was used as the centrepiece of the stage. 3.9mm LED panels were then constructed with split fingers of LED radiating outward for a total horizontal pixel count of more than 5000 pixels. The centrepiece LED screen was then framed with curved truss and compliment the lighting. The video was played out via our media server package.

The opening sequence of the event was a ten-minute video that was synced via time code to a complex lighting and video sequence.

A 3 year journey of projects and relationships came to a grand finale at this iconic international conference and we truly believe this long lasting relationship is what made the concept of the production so strong, as our communication of the clients vision is our primary objective in any project and we were extremely proud to have delivered.

Client: Every Nation